ENTAGLED, until October 25, 2014
Vesselroom Project
Adalbertstr. 4 (first floor), Berlin

Artist talk: 19:00, 8th of October, 2014

"The 20th of September, Vesselroom Project presented ENTANGLED, an exhibition with Yotaro Niwa (JP) and Joan Saló (ES). ENTANGLED plays with the dynamism of their artistic proposals. It explores the implications of chaos and order, and the intrinsic dependence between them.

Their artworks collide at the gallery space, creating preposterous structures that encourage us to (re)evaluate the essence of harmony. It is in their process, in the superposition of layers, where they find the way to stabilize their apparent turmoil, creating a mind-wandering oeuvre. In the search for this balance, they compel themselves to a painstaking mission: the repetition of the infinite lines on a canvas, and the eternal collecting of used materials. Through this everlasting quest, they generate an evocative, almost transcendental work that echoes the concept of modern Sublime. The interplay between their works creates a distinctive scenery, an exuberant setting that is able of surpassing monotony to achieve the extraordinary.”

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Intelity is the contraction of two words: intelligence and identity…
The information containes by the electronic chips such as subscriber identity modules, is sufficient to provide a socio-economic portrait of each modern individual. This cold and small piece of technology has been given the power to totally eclipse its possessors becoming the only criteria for efficiency success and personality. Earnings, spending, health, transports, communications, every gesture leaves a binary print.

© Maximilian Tomozei
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Kour Pour

Kour Pour

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Zhu Jinshi 

Zhu Jinshi 

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Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman

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Seascape/landscape, 2014Paul Bennett 

Seascape/landscape, 2014

Paul Bennett 

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Opera: Curtain, Palais Garnier, Paris, France (2009)David Leventi

Opera: Curtain, Palais Garnier, Paris, France (2009)

David Leventi

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